Live Virtual Walkthroughs

It's Facetime, For
General Contractors

With SnapCosts mobile platform, you can meet with prospects live from your phone and let them walk you through their home repair projects without having to waste the time and fuel needed to meet in person. Our facetime-like video chat allows you to quickly guide homeowners through the process of taking the measurements, photos, and notes you need to generate an estimate and get back to work.

Tap & Tag Important Details

Highlight important details observed through the prospects phone camera or indicate where you want a homeowner to zoom in by simply tapping your phones screen.

Screen Capturing & Recording

Easily capture 360 degree photos and videos during virtual walkthroughs with homeowners for easy reference and increased detail when creating estimates.

Note Taking & Transcriptions

Make note taking easy during virtual walkthroughs with simple note-taking tools that allow you to type in important details on your phone during virtual walkthroughs.

Scheduling & Notifications

Schedule virtual walkthroughs with prospects and ensure they don't forget to join with automated notifications sent directly to the homeowners phone.

Receive Detailed Reports In Your Email After Every Walkthrough

After a homeowner completes their virtual walkthrough, you'll receive an email notification with all of the photos, videos, and information you need to complete a rough initial estimate in seconds! Need to quickly access old quotes? No problem, we store all of your virtual walkthroughs for future reference.

Trusted by Over 300 General Contractors For Performing Virtual Walkthroughs With Homeowners